IDF Kills 7 ISIS Terrorists in Airstrike Stopping Terror Attack From Syria

by Avi Abelow

IDF aircraft fired towards several armed ISIS terrorists 200 meters from the Israeli/Syrian border fence, killing seven of them. Whether due to this incident or other developments, Prime Minister Netanyahu just canceled a planned diplomatic trip to Colombia due to the security situation.

Terror Attack Thwarted

The terrorists walked near the Southern area of Syria, in the demilitarized zone, near the Israel, Syrian and Jordanian border. As seen in the footage above, the IDF were tracking the movements of the terrorists as they were approaching the Israeli border.

IDF aircraft were sent to fire on the approaching terrorists to stop the terror attack they had planned. Seven of the terrorists were killed in the IDF attack.

This morning the IDF crossed the border to search the area of the dead terrorists. The IDF found explosive belts and AK-47 assault rifles.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Head of the International and Social Media Branch said in a statement: “In a search completed today [August 2nd] conducted by IDF troops on the ground, 7 bodies were found in the location as well as 5 AK-47 assault rifles, explosives and what appears to be grenades.”

The IDF released a statement that they are on high alert and will continue to operate to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel.

The IDF continues to remove the terror threats against Israel to ensure the security of the Israeli civilians living around the area.

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