The most hated man at the United Nations speaks up

by Avi Abelow

Hillel Neuer is the most hated man at the United Nations. Why? Because he truly stands up for human rights and calls out the hypocrisy regarding Israel.

Taylor Amrani does a wonderful job interviewing Neuer and allowing the rest of us to better understand the work he does at the United Nations.

“I feel the hatred when I walk into the United Nations” Neuer explained. “The hatred comes from many different levels. There is hatred from the Arab regimes because we call out their human rights abuses. There is hatred coming from dictatorships because we bring victims of their abuses. We do it in an effective way that is seen by millions of people.”

The United Nations and the “Palestinian” Arabs

When it comes to issues of the “palestinian” Arabs it sounds like the United Nations cares about them. There are always anti-Israel resolutions and emergency sessions called to punish Israel for defending herself against the Arab terror.

Yet, Neuer explains that in truth the UN doesn’t really care about the “palestinian” Arabs at all.

Lebanon has been discriminating against the 200,000 palestinian Arabs for 70 years.  Yet the UN has never held emergency sessions about that. Assad murdered 3,000 of them in Syria, yet the United Nations didn’t do anything about that either.

To Neuer, it is quite clear that the UN “only cares (about them) when they can blame Israel.”

Damaging Human Rights

Neuer explains that the UN fixation on Israel is a travesty to all human rights victims around the world.

“By scapegoating Israel, it demeans the very idea of human rights. When they are only used to harm Jews and the only country of Jews, that means the standards (of human rights) are not universal at all. If you do nothing when there are human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Cuba, Iraq, China, but you only use the language of human rights to beat Israel, then the standard of human rights is not universal at all. That is the end result of the hijacking of the UN against Israel.”

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