Iranian Women Say “No More”. Take to the Streets of Iran to Protest Islamic Regime

by Avi Abelow

Iranian women have been protesting for three days straight against the Islamic Regime, across the country. One of the issues bringing women to the streets is the state-sanctioned religious intolerance. In addition, they are protesting the horrible economic situation due to the Islamic Regime’s preference to fund terror against Israel and other Arab countries instead of helping the Iranian economy.


Iranian women are saying no more. In a society where they are beaten for going out in public without a hijab, Iranian women are saying they had enough. Brave women have been participating in three days of protests and demonstrations in various cities across the country.

The women have been on the frontline also protesting against the high prices, lack of water and high unemployment.

Hijab Law

Women are protesting a decades-old law in Iran, requiring them to wear a hijab. Protesters have taken to the streets, sharing photos and stories without a hijab, in an effort to bring about change in what they say is a fight for their dignity.

These women knowingly risk their lives to fight against Islamic oppression. If they are accused of blasphemy they are executed by hanging.

Religous Intolerance in Action

This woman was peacefully driving her car, when she was attacked by another woman driver for not wearing a hijab. She is screaming that she is going against Iranian law by not wearing a hijab, showing the level of state-sanctioned religious intolerance in Iran.

Where is the Western World?

This should be a top story in the Western press. Feminist organizations should be all over it. Progressive movements should be organizing protests and doing all they can to help their fellow “oppressed minority”. Instead, silence.

Feminist organizations in the West have been silent. Allowing the Iranian women to protest alone. The feminist, LGBTQ, minority rights organizations that push for protests and pride parades across the West for discrimination, have been eerily silent in the face of true oppression of women in Iran and other Muslim countries in the Middle East.

Iranian Woman President-Elect!

Maryam Rajavi is the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran party. She is a leading voice on women’s empowerment and tolerance in Iran.

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