IDF Forces Enter Khan Yunis, Prepare To Flood Tunnels

by David Mark

The campaign to liberate the Southern part of Gaza from Jihadist Nazi rule has entered an intense phase with IDF soldiers now in the center of Khan Yunis – Gaza’s second largest city.

Khan Yunis is now considered to be the operational headquarters of Hamas and where Yahya Sinwar is hiding. Fighting is also still continuing in Gaza City as the IDF is facing heavy resistance in Jabaliya.

Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi gave the following update: “60 days after the war began, our forces are now encircling the Khan Yunis area in the southern Gaza Strip. Simultaneously, we continue to secure our accomplishments in the northern Gaza Strip.

“Those who thought that the IDF would not know how to renew the fighting after the pause were mistaken, and Hamas is already feeling this. Many Hamas operatives, including senior commanders, have been eliminated in recent days,” he said. “We have moved to the third phase of the ground operations. We have secured many Hamas strongholds in the northern Gaza Strip, and now we are operating against its strongholds in the south.”

Flooding The Tunnels

The IDF is said to be toying with the idea of flooding the Gaza tunnel network with sea water. This controversial idea would force the Hamas fighters above service in order to avoid drowning possibly pushing the war to a faster conclusion with less risk to IDF soldiers. The downside is that it may poison the Gaza Strip’s potable water and even worse seep into Israel’s farmland and aquifer.

With the UN claiming it can no longer provide humanitarian assistance, blaming Israel for the crisis and the US actively pushing Israel to once again pull back from complete victory, flooding the tunnels may soon become the best of the worst options that Israel has available to it.

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