IDF exposes the shocking truth about recent explosions in Lebanon

by Leah Rosenberg

Explosions in Lebanon have made the news. But is the international world outraged by why these explosions are happening? It is time to wake up!

Explosions in Lebanon

The explosions in Lebanon have caused death and damage. And who is responsible? Hezbollah! A terrorist organization. An organization that uses human shields. They do not care what happens to the Lebanese people. Hezbollah has caused them to suffer time and time again.

But the international world is not outraged. They are not doing anything to improve the lives of those suffering under Hezbollah.

Israel is trying to bring the world’s attention to the problems that should really be focused on. The stability of the Middle East is at risk because of those who do not care about human life.

Using humans as shields is horrific. It is time the international world cared!

Israel is What’s Right in the MidEast

It is kind of absurd and ironic. The UN and the international world spend so much time criticizing Israel, yet they refuse to spend a breath condemning Hezbollah for what they are doing to the Lebanese people. The Middle East is filled with countries that want to not only destroy Israel, but destroy the Western world and Western values. The world should be thanking Israel for protecting the freedoms that so many hold dear. They should be thanking Israel for standing at the front lines against terrorism.

Israel defends its people. Israel even defends the civilians of its enemies. How many countries do that?

It is time for the world to open its eyes to the truth: The truth about Israel, and the truth about the countries which surround the Jewish state. Israel is what is good and right about the Middle East. It is the lighthouse in a region that is lost at sea.

Motivation for Terror
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