Zoom and Facebook refuse to allow terrorist a platform to speak

by Phil Schneider

There is one thing that defeats the haters more than anything else – the light of day. The haters lurk in the darkness. They love the anonymity of the internet. But now, Zoom and Facebook have decided to do their part in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. This is a welcome change to past policies of Facebook.

Jew-hatred is similar to other forms of hatred. But, it is the oldest form. But the key to combating all forms of anti-racial hatred is to expose the haters. Sometimes, you just need to stick their picture up on the internet with a quote or a video of what they said, and the exposure will bring them down. But, there are certain situations where actions speak louder than the words. This woman that was going around and speaking on college campuses has a history of hijacking 2 airplanes. How many people can put that on their terrorist resume?

In today’s day and age, there is a horrible habit called shaming. It is done way too easily. But it should be done to the haters. So, the question is how do we define who the haters are? This is not a simple matter. There is no simple answer to this question. But, the key is not to silence everyone. The more free speech we have, the more the haters are exposed Once they are exposed, if there is a major outcry by masses of people against somebody as a proponent of hate speech, then an open-minded group of decision makers should decide if the loss of free speech is worse than the gain of silencing hate speech. This is actually a very challenging issue. But when in doubt, it is better to have more free speech, and not to have silencing. Nothing is more dangerous than too much silencing.

Motivation for Terror
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