IDF exposes Illegal weapons workshop in Nablus

by Leah Rosenberg

Nablus is a major Arab city in the heart of Samaria. It is a hotbed of terrorism. Nearly every day, the Israel Defense Forces operates raids inside of the city in order to uncover factories such as these. Inside of the Arab cities, there are all kinds of groups that plan attacks against Jews in the State of Israel.

A City with a Tough History

In the time of the Bible, the city of Nablus was known as Shechem. It was the very first place that Abraham and Sarah stopped when they entered the Land of Israel. They came from the Northeast, from the area of Syria. When they came to Nablus, they brought a sacrifice of thanks on an altar that they built.

When Jacob returned to the Land of Israel, his daughter Dina was abused in the city of Shechem. In retribution, Simeon and Levi, Jacob’s sons, went and attacked the entire city. A short while later, Jacob sent his son Joseph to the area of Nablus in order to search out his brothers. It was in this area that the brothers literally sold their brother.

Shechem was the location where thousands of years later, many Israeli soldiers would fight valiantly in a battle to bring down the terrorists in the city. The price would be costly in lives, but many terrorists were rooted out. To this day, the area is a hotbed.

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