Farmers everywhere are going to love what Israel just did for them

by Leah Rosenberg

Farmers have a tough job. What can they do to help save their crops from diseases and pests? Well, now there is an Israeli app that changes everything!

An Israeli App Saves the Day

Israel has really been successful in creating technology and improving the world. And they have done so in many areas! Now, they have even helped farmers. Farmers have to rely on so many factors to have success. Diseases and pests can take over their crops and completely destroy everything they worked for. But as explained in the video, an Israeli app has taken away that fear. The app can help save their crops, which in turn really helps everyone!

Startup Nation

Israel as known as the Startup Nation. They have definitely lived up to that name. If you really think about it, you’ll be left in awe. The amount of lives Israel has changed. The number of medical breakthroughs. And the countries they have helped all over the world is astounding. It is amazing if any country has done what Israel has done. But the fact is, Israel has only existed as a modern state for around 70 years. How have they accomplished so much in such a short time?

Enough of the Boycotts

After hearing about all of the good that Israel has done, it is really absurd that people still boycott Israel. It just does not make sense. Who would want to boycott all of the innovation? What Israel does is not only for themselves, but it is for the world at large. What a wonderful country!

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