Former member of Israeli government silences the Left’s lies about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Sharon Gal speaks up against the Left’s lies about Israel. Does Israel really have a “peace partner?” Is there even such thing as the “Palestinian” people?

The Israeli Government

Everyone in the Israeli government has different opinions. Some want to give away land for peace. Some think that is absurd and never works. There are members of the Israeli government who believe that Israelis are oppressing the “Palestinians,” and there are members who think that is all a lie. As a side point, the fact that so many different types of people and opinions exist in Israel just proves that Israel is a democratic, equal, and free state. But it is not really a side point, because that is just it. How can Israel be called an “oppressor” when they allow Arabs to serve in the government?

The entire picture that the Left paints about Israel and the “Palestinian” people is nothing but a lie. And also, historically, there has never been a “Palestinian” people! Just listen to Sharon Gal.

Israel’s Peace Partner

Gal says it perfectly in this video. He addresses the fact that the Left believes that if we only appease the other side, then the terrorism will stop. Then there will be peace. But that is not true and has proven itself to be not true throughout history. Israel does not have a peace partner. Because Israel’s peace partner does not care about land. They do not care about peace. They only care about destroying the Jewish people and the Jewish state. It is so obvious, yet the Left refuses to believe it.

And the thing is, factually and historically, when did a “Palestinian” people ever exist? As Gal said, “To say that there has never been a ‘Palestinian’ people throughout history is for some reason considered extreme, but it is a simple historical fact that you can’t argue with.” Well said.

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