Progressive America is following the same path as Nazi Germany

by Leah Rosenberg

This speech will open your eyes in many ways. Kitty Werthmann, was raised in Austria, explains how Nazi Germany managed to walk right into Austria and take over the country with such ease.

She describes a country that suffered financially, with lots of violence, and union strikes that drove factories to shutter their windows. Poverty was everywhere., and jobs were scarce. But in Germany, right next door, from 1933, they heard that the Germans had a much better life and everyone had a Volkswagen.

The Dangers of Nationalist Socialism

The most important way to gradually take over the minds of the masses is via control over the flow of information. Kitty explains that Hitler instituted laws that brought his speeches via radio into the homes of everyone. Then he raised taxes to a ridiculously high level of 70%, and provided work for everyone. So, people had equality and jobs, but the bulk of the money was controlled by the State. That is called Socialism. Once that form of domination was set up, it wasn’t long before the people could be pressured into a similar mindset of Nazi Germany. Education became nationalized. One thing after another was controlled by the government. Before long, Hitler became the new false God, and Germany was all that mattered.

The Dangers of Socialism

Whenever there is a centralization of too much power in any one entity, there is major danger around the corner. Power tends to be an addictive drug. People who have absolute power tend to want even more absolute power. So, any form of raising taxes to a high level or enlargement of the government to mammoth proportions, can be a horrible choice. Socialism has never succeeded anywhere because so much of it is based on taking money and power from individuals and redistributing it in order to centralize more power in the government.

The scariest aspect of this speech is that so many aspects of nationalization in Austria are similar to some of the key agenda items of progressives today. We need to be on guard and not let our society unravel due to wrong choices of a few that will impact on everyone.

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