IDF exposes Hezbollah terror cell in Syria!

by Leah Rosenberg

A Hezbollah terror cell was discovered in…SYRIA! The IDF revealed a senior operative of Hezbollah’s terror network in its neighboring country.

Hezbollah Terror Cell

The Hezbollah terror cell uncovered by the IDF is under the terrorist leader Ali Musa Daqduq. He is a senior operative of Hezbollah. Daqduq is not only responsible for terrorism against Israelis, but he also is the reason that 5 American servicemen were abducted and executed in Iraq 12 years ago.

The IDF is exposing the truth for all to see. They are showing the world the dangers of Hezbollah and the way they use Syrian civilian infrastructure for terrorism. But will the Syrian regime stop it? They are responsible for what happens inside Syria. But of course, the Syrian regime does not have such a good track record…

Israel Will Defend Itself

Some people think Hezbollah is just operating from Lebanon, but that is false. Some think it is just Israel’s problem, and that is also false. Israel is just living on the front lines of terror. And that is something the whole world needs to understand: terror lives at Israel’s doorstep. And Israel will NOT allow it to destroy the Jewish state. They will defend themselves even when the world will not defend them. They will fight against terror even when the world seems to ignore it.

BDS Exposed
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