Hamas Use Extreme Violence to Crush Gaza Protests Against…Hamas

by Avi Abelow

Hamas has used extreme violence against Gazans protesting horrific life under Hamas in Gaza, yet the media around the globe is silent. If they could blame Israel it would be headline news!

Gazans Protest Hamas

The past few days Gazans have been protesting high prices and Hamas taxes in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas security officers have used excessive force to disperse the hundreds of protesters in different parts of the Gaza Strip. According to journalists in Gaza, dozens of protesters have been beaten and arrested by Hamas policemen and militiamen.

Official Palestinian Arab news Outlet WAFA Statement

The national forces in Gaza, a coalition of major Palestinian factions, called on Hamas to apologize to the public for the attack on peaceful demonstrators demanding a dignified life in Gaza, stressing the need to hold accountable those involved in the attack.

A statement signed by all national factions, except for Islamic Jihad and Hamas, called on Hamas and its leadership to withdraw the gunmen from the streets and public squares and release all the detainees on the backdrop of the popular youth movement (#WeWantToLive).

The statement called on the Egyptian side to resume reconciliation efforts to restore national unity, calling for an urgent meeting of the forces and factions in Cairo to implement the reconciliation agreement.

Gazan Sets Himself on Fire Over Hamas Policies

One Gaza man even set himself on fire in the Jabalia refugee camp, some 2 miles north of Gaza City, to protest the economic situation under Hamas.

Arab Incitement
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