Watch when Ben Shapiro went from being a local Radio Show Host to National Stardom!

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro was once a reporter and local radio talk show host. One day, he made the trip to his Alma Mater, UCLA, to make a statement against the BDS, a pro-Palestinian movement that supports boycotting Israeli products – especially those made in Judea and Samaria. “I have never been more ashamed to be an alumnus of this university,” Shapiro tells the audience. Shapiro’s audacity and courage made it possible for more Israel supporters to speak up at the BDS hearing. Ultimately, the proposal was voted down. Thank goodness for Ben Shapiro and some healthy Jewish chutzpa!

Standing Up For the Truth

Ben was surrounded by Jew-haters, and he didn’t flinch. He stood up proudly and said the truth right to their faces. It is exactly this attribute that attracts so many followers to him. Of course, his emazing knowledge base helps him. But without his fearlessness, he would be nowhere. This is the kind of a person that we all need to become. We need to be willing to pay the personal price in order to shout out the truth when lies are being spread.

Ben has become one of the most popular political thinkers in a matter of a few years. His reputation is not merely one of being a strong right winger. It is more than anything a reputation of being a straight-shooting truth seeker. This is exactly what God wants of us. He wants us to seek out truth and pursue it. Ben is a great role model – especially for students on college campuses.

Arab Incitement
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