Gantz’s IDF Destroys New Jewish Village South of Hebron

by Micha Gefen

A small Jewish village recently established on Jewish Land south of Hebron in Judea was destroyed on Wednesday by the Civil Administration.

saadia-1 from 12Tribe Films on Vimeo.

After residents refused to voluntarily destroy their own residence and property, the Civil Administration, the part of the IDF tasked in administrating civil society in Judea and Samaria leveled the small house and forced the Jewish residents from the property – declaring it a closed military zone.

There was just one problem. The land in question is not Arab and clearly rests within Area C, which is land designated for full Israeli control. Despite this, the army prevented the Jewish residents from remaining while at the same time turned a blind eye to local Arabs who came to the site.

More egregious is the fact that the IDF’s Civil Administration used the tools recently given to them to remove illegal Arab building in Area C against Jewish residents, not the PA and EU funded Arabs that the law was meant for. The same Civil Administration drove past countless illegal Arab buildings on the way to destroying the Jewish house, but did nothing to the Arab buildings.

Discrimination against Jews? In Gantz’s IDF, the days of destroying and snuffing out Jewish building has now returned.

If you want to help the young Jewish families trying to hold onto their land, please share this story with others.

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