Netanyahu is Right about Peace with the UAE and wrong about the Palestinian Arabs

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right, but he is also wrong.

Bibi is right that a paradigm shift was necessary. 

The world and the left have believed for decades that peace with the Arab world would only be possible after “peace” would be made with the Palestinian Arabs. 

What is peace with the Palestinian Arabs? A two state solution where tons of Israeli communities in Judea & Samaria are destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Jews are expelled from their homes in order to create a Jew-free state of Palestine. 

The Arabs have no to the two state solution, every time it was offered as a solution, for more than 100 years. 

Today, Israel is in a place of strength, as a strong economy and super power that Arab Muslim countries want to make peace with Israel! Without the dangerous step if creating a state called Palestine. This is a huge change, thanks to the leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

However, I believe Bibi is wrong to think that making peace with other Arab Muslim countries will motivate the Palestinian Arabs to now make peace with Israel.

The charters, of both Hamas and the PLO, the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, include destroying Israel. They never will make peace with Israel. 

Yassar Arafat spoke about the salami approach in destroying Israel, taking one piece of land at a time. 

He also told the Arab Muslim world that the Oslo peace process was like Muhammad’s peace deal with the Medina Jews, just to make them complacent and weak to then destroy them. 

The Oslo peace process was never about making peace with Israel, it was about getting a foothold of land in Israel to destroy Israel.

While I highly respect PM Netanyahu for everything he has done to strengthen Israel and get us to this point where Arab Muslim countries want to make peace with us, I still wish he would return to saying the truth about the cause called Palestine, that they have no intention of ever living in peace with us. Hence, the solution to create a state called Palestine does not solve anything, it just empowers and enables our enemies to continue trying to terrorize and destroy us.

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