Why the Left in America has completely lost it

by Leah Rosenberg

Is this what America needs to do for the Left to accept it? Nothing is ever enough. This is one of the most accurate depictions.

The Left in America

The Left in America is as absurd as this video, if not more absurd.

The absurdity of this is just so accurate. It actually is not even an exaggeration, which is sad. The radical Left has officially declared that everything in America is racist. Nothing is off limits.

Cancel Culture is trying to take down brands that are 100 years old. Do these people not have anything better to do with their time? Do they not have real things to care about?

The Violence

It is not only the absurdity of trying to defund the police, get rid of age-old American brands, and label every company that exists in America as racist. It is also the fact that the radical Left has become so violent that it is frightening. They are not fighting for any cause. They are just fighting. They attack to attack. They injure to injure. Anyone who is not like them is a target.

2020 has become a year of foolishness. If our great-great grandparents were alive and saw what was happening in America today, they would be appalled. There are so many more important things to fight for and to believe in.

If BLM activists wanted to make a change, they would join one of the myriad of organizations that actually improve society in different ways. But let’s be honest, BLM activists do not care to improve society. They want to destroy it and rebuild it according to a Marxist ideology. They have said it with words, and they have proved it with actions.

This is literally a matter of life and death. BLM rioters have killed and injured many. Wake up to the truth, before it’s too late.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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