The complete hypocrisy of Bill Clinton getting a free pass

by Phil Schneider

Why has Bill Clinton been given a pass while so many other people have been accused of things they perhaps did decades ago? Second chances. The truth is that the idea of getting a second chance is exactly right. In truth, that is why all of us can go on living in a world after we have mad missteps or mistakes.

INSANE: CNN’s Answer To Why Bill Clinton Wasn’t #MeToo CANCELED

CNN host Van Jones gives a baffling take on how Bill Clinton escaped the wrath of #MeToo and cancel culture.

Posted by Ben Shapiro on Thursday, August 20, 2020

There is a horrible norm that radial progressives have brought into this world. It has been labeled “cancel culture.” It is really much worse than that. There is a norm that there are certain norms that are either accepted or else – you are an outsider, an insensitive, heartless non-human.

If you don’t accept that the police need to be abolished, and you don’t accept that Black people are victims of systemic racism and that it is pervasive across all of America, then you are a bigot, and even worse – a right-wing radical. There is a massive movement within the Democratic side of American politics to drive the United States over the radical cliff into an abyss of cancel culture. It is indeed as dangerous as it sounds. That is why if Donald Trump stays on message and continues to pound away against the Democratic Party, then he may very well win this election. The United States of America, accept for it’s east coast and left coast, has still not lost most of it’s sanity. But, if indeed the radical progressive movements like the black lives matter movements take over the Oval Office and control Congress, then there will be wide swaths of the United States that will not be comfortable for normative people to live in. Cancel culture may bring the United States down. It must be defeated.

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