Famous Jewish singer creates a music video that will make the world smile

by Leah Rosenberg

What is there NOT to like about this song and video? This Jewish singer nailed it! Entertaining, upbeat – you’ll definitely be smiling.

Jewish Singer Gives us all a Smile

Jewish Singer Beri Weber is well known in the Jewish world. His music is catchy and expresses ideas that we can all relate to.

Music is a powerful tool to help people express emotions. And specifically in this song, Weber addresses something that everyone feels good about: Smiling.

He sings “Be the reason someone smiles.” Sometimes, all you need to do to be the reason someone smiles IS to smile. We all want to be happy. It is a basic need. And we feel good when we make others happy. Smiling is a way to create a pleasant atmosphere and connect to others, even if we do not yet know them.

Smiling is a Universal Sign

Smiling is something universal. It does not matter what religion one associates himself with. It does not matter what country he is from. And it does not matter what culture he connects with. He will understand a smile. Smiling is also something that many can do, even if they have limited abilities.

Smiles connect people without words.

Babies can smile starting at only a few weeks old. And once they start smiling, the connection between the baby and others grows significantly.

When you see someone smile, it is hard not to smile back.

There is a quote that says, “Smile and the world will smile with you.” Try it.

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