BLM claims to defeat racism by forcing food brands to change their names

by Leah Rosenberg

What does it take to defeat racism in this world? There are different opinions, but one thing is for sure: BLM is not helping.

BLM Fails to Defeat Racism

Not only is Black Lives Matter failing to defeat whatever racism still exists in America, but they are fueling it. They are encouraging it.

And honestly, it is almost as if they are mocking it. To force a cheese brand to change its name after 85 years is preposterous. It was the man’s name! Do we force every single person in the world to change their name? Their street name? Is that where racism stems from?

Black Lives Matter focuses on destroying America, not bettering it. Forcing Quaker Oats to change its name after 131 years is just sad. And Aunt Jemima? The brand name was the opposite of racism! But BLM doesn’t care. Because again, they do not care about the facts.

The Cancel Culture Society

What the world has become is depressing. The far Left is literally trying to Cancel Culture. It is more than trying to be politically correct. It is trying to destroy everything that represents America. The presidents. The founders. The culture that shaped the country.

How much longer can this go on for before people realize the complete absurdity? Absurdity has become the norm. Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with racism, democracy, or America. It is a Marxist revolution, and each day they promote something more ridiculous.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, this should be a bipartisan issue to stop Black Lives Matter from doing any more damage to one of the greatest countries on Earth.

Motivation for Terror
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