A look at the historical site of Hell right off a main Jerusalem road

by Phil Schneider

In this video, you can descend into hell. Right outside of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, more than 4,000 years ago, pagans used to sacrifice their children. There probably is no more horrible idea than parents sacrificing children. The Jewish people – of course – not only rejected this idea, but they brought the exact opposite into the world – light and life.

Mankind can elevate from darkness into light. And this can happen more than anywhere else in Jerusalem. Mt. Zion has a beautiful view of the entire area. The great Oskar Schindler is buried right in between the lowest and highest place in Jerusalem. It is so fitting that this man who breathed life in the midst of the darkest time in world history is buried right in between the darkest and brightest places in Jerusalem.

There is no place that represents the light in the midst of darkness than Jerusalem. In the middle of the 20th century, there was an organized systematic plan to destroy the Jewish people that was based in Nazi Germany. They had many collaborators and nations that were unwilling to open their doors. But, there were very few countries that did anything to help the Jewish people – just a few individuals in many countries who brought light into the darkness. That is the essence of what good in this world is. It is when in the hardest of times, people stand up and do what is right – at great personal risk. That is what Oskar Schindler did. That is what the Jewish people represent, and the heart of all of this is Jerusalem.

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