You have got to meet this City of David excavator

by Leah Rosenberg

It is fascinating when you see all the different people who dig up history in the City of David. How amazing is it to dig up your nations’ past?

City of David Excavations

The City of David is a place you must visit on your next trip to Israel. It is known for its archaeological discoveries, many of them underground.

What you may not realize is all the different types of people that excavate at this site. Jay is from Brooklyn, New York. He is not necessarily the classic image that comes to mind when you think of those digging in the dirt to find the truth. But that is what is so amazing.

The Excitement of Finding the Truth

Digging in the dirt is different in Israel than it is anywhere else. When a Jew gets his hands dirty with the soil of Israel, he is finding out more and more about his nation and his history. He is holding tangible evidence from Biblical stories. How can someone not be excited about that?

That’s the thing about Israel. Everything connects. When you walk in Israel, you soak up history. From the street names to the store names, so many things connect to the ancient past of the Jewish people.

Denying the Truth

The City of David is full of truth and history. The world wants to deny the Jewish people’s right to their own homeland, but how can they? It is irrational. It is much easier to just believe the truth.

Judea and Samaria Building
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