Tensions Rise After Hezbollah Fires Rockets At Israeli Aircraft

by Micha Gefen

With increasing threats from Israel and Iran aimed at one another, tensions are rising as the level of attacks between Israel and Iranian proxies in Lebanon and Syria increase.

While Israel insists that war is a last resort, the region appears to be careening towards a wide conflict between Shiite Iran and the Israel-Sunni alliance. Biden’s administration may want to take their time to feel out their own policy, but they know that in reality time has run out.

Former President Trump understood that maximum pressure on the leaders of the regime in Tehran and kept Iran at bay, but Biden has not shown any inkling of desire to want to continue Trump’s strategy.

In the latest flare up, Hezbollah fired rockets at Israeli fighter jets as they retaliated in Syria agains Iranian bases. Israel often uses the Balbek valley to get around Russian made air defenses in Syria. However, this opens the IAF up to attacks from Hezbollah.

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