Japan Pushes Biden To “Pick a Side”

by Gavriel Dan

President Joe Biden’s term is barely underway and already he is feeling the pressure to show he is not in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party.

President Biden’s known connections to the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) is beginning to harm is ability to assure allies like Japan that he is up to the task of hold back the rising dragon.

In fact, Japan wants to known where Biden stands on China. After all, President Biden’s team are sinophiles even if for the time being they are tamping down on their desire to make amends with Beijing. The White House knows that anti-Chinese sentiment in America is high and to come out and betray what voters really believe would crush the public’s trust early on.

This in ability to take on China has Japan and other east Asian and Pacific allies getting nervous. Japan and Australia are no match for China. India may have over a billion people itself, but is only now upgrading its military.

Biden has no choice to push back on China in order to keep America’s allies on board.


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