Hamas has caused more destruction than the world is telling you about

by Leah Rosenberg

Listening to this Israeli mother and kindergarten teacher speak is eye-opening and heartbreaking. How is the world missing the truth?

Israeli Mother Describes Reality

Kibbutz Kissoufim is a community in Southern Israel. It was surrounded by beauty: flowers, green, gold, people. But then Hamas destroyed more and more. They sent incendiary balloons and kites. They burned the greenery, the farmland, the crops. Would you want to drive around and see black and destruction instead of green and life? Would you want to have to teach your children to fear balloons and kites instead of playing with them?

Welcome to Southern Israel. Reality there is different than other places. There is always a fear of rockets. Children are scared. Parents are scared. Life is not normal.

What Does the World Say?

Nothing. Once again, the world says nothing. People side with Gaza and Hamas. The world blames Israel as Hamas rockets fall on innocent civilians and destroy homes and lives. How have things become so twisted that people can actually confuse what is clearly right and clearly wrong? How can anyone not condemn Hamas?

Well, people like Bernie Sanders and Rashida Tlaib want to send more aid to Gaza (otherwise known as Hamas) and take away aid from Israel. That is absolutely absurd!

Long-Term Effects

Even when there are quieter times without fire kites and rockets, the long-term effects are always there. Children have PTSD. Reality is affected. Noises that sound like sirens indicating a rocket attack can lead people to panic. As this innocent Israeli mother said, “We can’t live like this anymore.”

Everyone needs to condemn Hamas.

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