7-year-old Israeli girl under rocket attack shames Bernie Sanders

by Leah Rosenberg

Bernie Sanders, wake up. This is what you are allowing. Little Israeli children fear death because of Hamas rockets – because of YOU and what you support.

Bernie Sanders Wants to Aid Hamas

Can Bernie Sanders look this little girl in the eyes and tell her he’d rather send money to the terrorists in Gaza than to defending her? Can he tell her he wants to change where the US sends aid to? It is so mind-boggling that anyone thinks Israel is at fault for defending itself. Hamas fires rockets at Israel, Israelis run for cover, Israel retaliates, and the only thing the news headlines talk about is the dead Gazans. They never show you this 7-year-old Israeli girl’s sweet and innocent face.

Bernie Sanders has claimed that Israel oppresses “Palestinians” and wants to redirect aid to Gaza instead of to Israel. He is so far removed from reality that it is scary to think he is running for president of America.

The Sad Reality

Aside from the fact that the international world should be responding to the rockets from Hamas, it is distressing and sad to think that this 7-year-old girl is not the only one suffering. Men, women, and children fear they will die. Every time they hear the sound of a siren indicating rockets are coming, they wonder if their house will be hit next; if they themselves will be hit next. No one should have to think about that – especially 7-year-old children. Their innocence has been stripped from them, thanks to Hamas.

Does anyone care? Bernie Sanders definitely doesn’t.

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