A look at what the media calls “unarmed protesters”

by Phil Schneider

There are words and phrases that are used with such ease in reference to the State of Israel that are completely disconnected from reality. One of these phrases is “unarmed protesters.” The truth is that this is the exact opposite of what Israel’s heated southern border has been like over the last few years.

Older teenagers and young men who lift stones and slingshots, or who toss flaming kites over the border to cause brush fires, are not unarmed. They are armed and violent. They are dangerous and need to be stopped. Protesters are not killers. Protesters are people who oppose a policy and use their voices to gather and loudly express their dissatisfaction. That is a far cry from trying to kill someone. There is a clear line between unarmed protests and violent attempts to storm a border and kill people on the other side. That is Israel’s reality on their southwestern border. Masses of violent grown men are trying to storm Israel’s borders in order to wreak havoc on the villages on the other side. Beneath them, their partners in crime are digging tunnels into the Israeli villages in order to wreak havoc from beneath the ground of the Israeli villages.

There should be a punishment for any violent people who storm a border. They should not be incarcerated, but they should know that they will have to deal with tear gas, stink spray or whatever other tactic that will incentivize them to not come back again and again. Flaming kites is a tricky form of terrorism – arson terrorism. Young Arab terrorists have figured out that this is a very effective method to wreak havoc on the agricultural areas of villages. It leads to an enormous loss of money on the Israeli side. The best response to this is probably to use drones that will somehow attack these kites before they cross the border and ground the kites on the Arab side. The key is to disincentivize the terror. Nothing stops terror more than when the terrorism boomerangs right back at the perpetrators.

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