Ben Shapiro hears a truth about President Trump that even surprises him

by Gavriel Dan

Ben Shapiro asks former Reagan speechwriter Peter Robinson if President Trump is an asset to conservatives and hears a truth about Donald Trump that even surprises him.

In response to Ben Shapiro, Peter Robinson breaks down the future for Conservatives and where they go after the Trump Administration. “Conservatives should be planning, should be thinking, should be sorting out policy and planning on what happens after Donald Trump leaves,” Robinson said in the interview.

Robinson insists that the most important question to answer about Donald Trump is dependent on who you compare him to. Meaning, if one compares him to the current Democratic opponents, obviously Trump is far better. One must look at the effects Donald Trump’s presidency has had on the economy without being caught up in the President himself. Robinson compared it to a solar eclipse where one looks at the shadow without looking directly at the sun.

“We have the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded. What does that mean? That means millions of Americans, not the press core who can’t stand Donald Trump and Washington, but millions of ordinary Americans, especially those toward the bottom of the economic distribution are leading better lives in this economy. “Ultimately Donald Trump as a person may not be the best role model, but when it comes to his job as President, Robinson gives him a thumbs up and in many ways thats what matters.

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