Google executives vs. employees – who’s telling the truth?

by Leah Rosenberg

The Google bias has been exposed. Not only have Conservatives called them out for it, but even Google employees have revealed some startling facts.

The Google Bias

It’s out – there is a Google bias. It’s obvious. Different Conservatives have been targeted. Google has an agenda that they push. And although they are supposed to be neutral, they are not. If you do a Google search, there are algorithms that are set into place according to what Google wants you to see.

The Google execs may tell you otherwise, but they are lying. Employees have been brave enough to share the truth and expose Google for what they are. Even as the execs continue to lie, the proof is just too strong.

Google Tries to Control Us

It is a frightening world we live in. The internet can be used for the good or used for the bad. It can be a wonderful thing. But the internet can also be a scary place. Google has made it into something that should scare us. The internet is controlling the way we think and what we view thanks to Google. And the thing is – they won’t admit it. At least the executives won’t. Despite hard evidence, they still claim to remain an unbiased company. They still claim they are not politically bias. So not only has Google tried to control the way users think, they are lying about it as well.

How has our world come to this where outside “forces” like Google control the way we think? It is as if we are being watched by Google and censored in ways we do not even realize. This must be stopped. It is truly disturbing. Our freedoms are being violated in ways that we are not aware of sometimes. Do you really want to live in a world controlled by Google?

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