Israeli politician gave the most perfect speech about antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

So, where is the source of anti-Semitism? Is the source of anti-Zionism driven by other ideas or does it come from the same source? Anti-Semitism has seen many permutations over the years. Today, the most common form of anti-semitism is not when people speak openly about the Jewish people. The new target is now just the Zionist State – not the Jewish people.

Dr. Wilf argues that the Jewish people have always been the scapegoat for whatever ills the world is bothered by. She properly points out that anti-Zionism is indeed nothing more than the latest new form of age-old anti-Semitism.

But she does not mention the concept of a global Jewish conspiracy. That is left for Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor party. The basic difference between critics of Israel’s policies and anti-Zionists is that the anti-Zionists literally want to destroy the State of Israel and support anti-Semitism like the age-old anti-Semites. This is what Melanie Phillips argues. She takes it a few steps further and explains that the Jewish people, who have the only true mandate and right to the Land of Israel, are the only people who many argue don’t even have a right to their own land.

Anti-Zionists treat the Jewish State with so much disgust that they truly hope that the State of Israel will cease to exist. Institutional anti-semitism within England has made a major step forward in the last few years with the election of Jeremy Corbyn. The odds are that anti-Zionism will continue to grow in the years to come…

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