Brigitte Gabriel completely exposes Linda Sarsour

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel destroyed Linda Sarsour on The Rubin Report. Sarsour is a manipulator who has gained The Left’s sympathy. And Gabriel exposes her!

Gabriel on The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin hosted Brigitte Gabriel on his show The Rubin Report. People like Bernie Sanders actually stand with Linda Sarsour. They support her. Do they do it out of ignorance? Out of foolishness? Idiocy? It is truly stupefying. Sarsour hates the Jews. She hates America. And she wants Sharia Law to be the system in the great and free country of the United States. Does no one else see an issue with that? She is the voice and face of the Women’s March, yet she wants Sharia Law to rule the land – a set of laws that completely restricts women. Has so much of the world actually fallen for her lies?

Sarsour Also Supports Terrorism

Not only is Sarsour not what she says she is regarding women’s rights, but she also is a terrorist-supporter. She supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a terrorist organization. These are not just conspiracy theories. There is hardcore evidence. Linda Sarsour has made it clear herself.

And Bernie Sanders supports her? The far Left really holds her as a hero? We can all have different political views, that is allowed. Even good and bad is sometimes subjective. If someone is allergic to peanuts, then peanuts are bad for them. For others, peanuts are not bad. But when it comes to certain definitions of good and evil, it is objective. And Linda Sarsour is objectively bad. Anyone who cannot admit that has some serious thinking to do.

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