Gaza Sniper Fired at IDF Troops Under the Cover of 20 Gazan Children

by Avi Abelow

A Gaza sniper fired at IDF troops under the cover of 20 children.  The terrorists sent the children towards the border fence as a decoy. This is the second sniper attack against the IDF in a week. Last week, terrorists killed an IDF soldier in another sniper attack. Yesterday, an IDF officer was injured in the attack. After yesterday’s sniper attack the IDF retaliated against Hamas positions.

IDF Soldiers in the Gun Target of a Hamas Sniper

What Happened

The IDF reported that last night Gaza terrorists fired at IDF soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip.

IDF soldiers approached a group of around 20 youth who were violently demonstrating around 400 meters from the Gaza/Israel border fence. The soldiers approached the youth to disperse them. Using the decoy of the youth, the Gaza sniper then shot at the IDF soldiers.

This is another clear case of Gaza terrorists using innocent civilians as human shields to protect their terror activities.

IDF Officer Injured

The IDF then released that an officer was moderately wounded by the sniper fire. They immediately took him to Soroka Medical Center in the southern city of Beersheba for treatment.

The injured IDF officer evacuated by helicopter

IDF Retaliation

In response to this Gaza sniper attack, the IDF then targeted seven Hamas military positions throughout the Gaza Strip. Both the Air Force and tank core attacked Hamas targets in Gaza.

The IDF killed 3 terrorists in the counter-attack, and seriously wounded one. Hamas reported that all three were members of Hamas.

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