Gaza Arabs Preparing for Violent Confrontation with Israel. Burning 10,000 Tires on Border

by Avi Abelow

Gaza Arabs are preparing for another Friday of violence with Israel. This time they are planning to also burn 10,000 tires to make it hard for the IDF snipers to shoot and stop their violence and sabotage.

Gaza Arabs transporting tires to the border fence.

Here they are in Gaza setting up all the tires on fire to confront the IDF.

Another Hamas-led Confrontation Campaign for Friday

Hamas is a terror organization whose declared goal is the destruction of the State of Israel. Hamas seeks to murder Israelis by firing rockets, placing IEDs and building terror tunnels into Israeli territory.

The current confrontation along the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip is in fact a riot orchestrated by Hamas. They are aiming for a massive infiltration into Israel’s sovereign territory by launching a mass assault on the border fence and breaching it.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar at scene of the violent riots said: it will continue “until the border is erased” (in Arabic)

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar to Gazans: “If you are hungry, eat Israelis livers” (in Arabic)

Head of the Hamas’s Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh: “On Friday we stopped at the border, next time we don’t know where the border will be”.

Hamas is planning another round of violence for this coming Friday. Its social media channels are calling for activists to prepare Molotov cocktails and collect tires for burning. They are also calling for sniper fire on IDF soldiers, in addition to the obvious encouragement of the masses to rush the border fence.

Not Spontaneous Demonstrations

These are not spontaneous demonstrations. Hamas is organizing, funding and rewarding the participants. For the past decade, freedom of expression has been repressed in the Gaza Strip. No public action can be taken there without Hamas consent and support.

Hamas terrorists, some armed, mix with the crowds, incite the demonstrators, and instigate attacks along the fence – such as shooting and placing explosive devices – as happened this past Friday. The terrorist organizations make cynical use of women and children. They are purposely being sent to the fence to be injured and to be used as human shields for terrorist activities.

These are not disturbances of the public order of the type that take place elsewhere from time to time. Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip 12 years ago and has no presence there whatsoever. The current confrontation is a calculated action by Hamas to provoke an angry, violent mob. Using armed Hamas terrorists hiding in its midst to break through the border fence.

Where is the International Condemnation?

The international community, particularly those countries that designated Hamas as a terror organization, must condemn the violent assaults on Israel’s border and pressure Hamas to stop endangering their own citizens.

Israel has the full right to protect its borders by every means available. Israeli soldiers are not shooting indiscriminately, but are rather pinpoint targeting terrorists and dangerous rioters. Israel’s only interest is to protect its borders and its citizens, not to harm innocents. No country would fail to respond to a threatened breach of its borders orchestrated by a terrorist organization.
An Attempt to Infiltrate Israeli Territory

رفعوا علم فلسطين فوقها..شبان يحطمون ويقتحمون بوابة “الفراحين” على السياج الفاصل شرق خانيونس جنوب قطاع غزة قبل أيام

— شبكة قدس الإخبارية (@qudsn) March 27, 2018

Hamas is the Responsible Party

The economic distress experienced by Gaza residents is the result of the ruling Hamas regime. They divert billions to its efforts to destroy Israel instead of investing in the welfare of the citizens. The current confrontation campaign is costing the Gaza economy tens of millions. Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority has been imposing economic sanctions on Gaza for the past year, withholding salaries and electricity.

In times of distress, protests are usually directed at the ruling establishment. In the case of Gaza, those responsible for the situation send the people to provoke a confrontation with Israel. Instead of piling up mounds of tires along the fence, the citizens of Gaza should be setting them afire in front of Hamas offices. They should be demanding that their government supply them with medical and educational infrastructures instead of terror tunnels and rockets.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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