BREAKING NEWS: Israeli Navy Thwarts Major Gazan Terror Attack at Sea

by Avi Abelow

Israeli security forces stopped a potential terror attack planned by the Islamic Jihad terror group against an Israeli naval vessel. PM Netanyahu praised the Israeli navy and other IDF forces for foiling the attack.

Terrorists Arrested

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) and Israel Security Agency (ISA) identified one of the detainees as Amin Juma. Amin is a 24-year-old fisherman and a member of the Islamic Jihad.  Under the organization’s guidance, he planned the attack.

Allegedly, Juma already began collecting information regarding the locations of several navy ships.  He knew the number of soldiers and weapons on board the vessels – all in preparation for the attack.

Gaza Terror

Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman praised the IDF forces for thwarting the attack.

“This is proof of the true intentions of the terrorist organizations in Gaza… Who are attempting to disguise their murderous plans by organizing provocations on the security fence…Whose sole purpose is to provide cover for terrorists to carry out terrorist activities against Israel,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

“The challenges at the Gaza border are diverse and complex,” Lieberman said. “I hope that this time, our friends on the left will not demand an investigative committee,” he added. He is referring to calls by the left-wing Meretz faction and Joint (Arab) List party for a probe into the army’s use of lethal force against protesters.

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