GANTZ SUPPORTS SOVEREIGNTY – Get Ready, Something Big is Happening

by David Mark

Whether Benny Gantz has had a real change of heart or is just afraid of being left behind as the sovereignty train has left the station, he has now announced that he is in support of sovereignty since the “Palestinian” Arabs aren’t talking anyway.

So what does this mean?

Essentially, Bibi will begin extending sovereignty after July 1st, whether the world likes it or not. Gantz realized this. He also realized that there was enough people in his list that backed sovereignty that Gantz himself would have no choice but to support the move.

This is all about realizing that it is time to move forward. In that sense Gantz is actually just expressing what the majority of the country feels. Most are not ideological, but rather understand that given the circumstances it is time to apply sovereignty and normalize the relationship between the State and its historical heartland.

So after July 1st, the world will tell us no. They will scream and yell, but it seems that the government may actually do the unthinkable and apply sovereignty in either a staged manner or all at once. Miraculously, Gantz and co. will be dragged along and with them the entire body politic of Israel will shift to something completely different.

Of course sovereignty is the beginning. The real outcome is dependent on the response from the “Palestinian” Arabs. If they declare war then Israel may be able to finally finish the job once and for all.

The time is approaching fast. Afterwards, the world will never be the same.

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