Jewish Leader Labeled Racist For Calling Out BLM Movement as Antisemitic

by Avi Abelow

Caroline Glick FB Post on Mort Klein and the ZOA

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations recently selected Diane Lob from the post-Jewish HIAS group to serve as its new chairman.
I explained the peril of the move in two articles that appeared just before the Conference members held an open ballot on Zoom to elect her, (she “ran” unopposed after a highly biased, compromised nominations committee selected her).
The main voice from within the conference that spoke out against this destructive decision was Mort Klein and the ZOA. The ZOA compiled a dossier of all the anti-Jewish activities that HIAS carried out during Lob’s tenure as chairman of its board.
The retribution was swift. First a bunch of other post-Jewish groups that like HIAS are inexplicably members of the Conference tried to get the ZOA kicked out of the conference for “racism” of some such.
Now they have a new specific excuse. Klein committed the “crime” of pointing out BlackLivesMatter’s Jew hatred and hatred of Israel on Twitter. Now leaders of prominent post-Jewish far left groups are demanding his ouster from the Conference of Presidents.
The signatories to the letter were as follows:
Kenneth Bob, President, Ameinu; Hadar Susskind, President and CEO, Americans for Peace Now; Rabbi Bennett Miller, National Chair, ARZA; Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive, Central Conference of American Rabbis; Robert Aronson, Chair, HIAS; Stuart Applebaum, President, Jewish Labor Committee; Meredith Jacobs, CEO, Jewish Women International; Janet Gurvitch, President, Na’amat USA;
Marilyn Wind, President, MERCAZ USA; Sheila Katz, CEO, National Council of Jewish Women; Rabbi Jacob Blumenthal, Chief Executive, Rabbinical Assembly; Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President , Union of Reform Judaism; Ann Toback, CEO, The Workers Circle; Leslie Lichter, Interim CEO, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism; Rabbi Marla Feldman, Executive Director, Women of Reform Judaism; Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields, Executive Director, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.

ZOA’s dossier documented how Lob oversaw an organization – HIAS — whose leaders stood with leading anti-Semite Linda Sarsour against American Jewry and made it their mission to bring in immigrants from overwhelmingly anti-Semitic countries like Syria and Iraq. It wasn’t enough to convince the overwhelmingly leftist Jewish community not to accept her as chairman of the Conference. But it was sufficient to render Lob’s nomination controversial. To settle the controversy, the Conference didn’t ask Lob to explain her position on Sarsour or HIAS’s work to bring anti-Semites to the United States as immigrants. Instead, it sufficed with a publicity stunt and a momentary delay. Lob agreed to wait a year before assuming office. When everyone is distracted next year, she’ll take over, unrepentant and empowered.
The letter from Lob’s post-Jewish radical colleagues makes clear the direction she will take the Conference when she is in charge.
The bid to get Klein and ZOA kicked out is a test case. If it goes over as smoothly as they no doubt anticipate, there will be no looking back. Just as BLM now has the power to silence dissenting voices with its cancel-culture authoritarianism that has already led to mass firings of people who dared to criticize the dangerous, communist, anti-American and anti-Semitic racist group, so Lob and her allies can be expected to lead the Conference into a post-Jewish era through intimidation, ostracism and intellectual terror.
Klein, like everyone else has strengths and weaknesses. One of his weaknesses is that he is unpopular with the rest of the members of the Conference. Standing on the sides and not defending Klein for telling the truth and warning the Jewish community what it is dealing with when it looks at #BLM is the way to get invited to dinner parties. So I’m not holding my breath waiting for Jewish leaders to stand up for Klein and against the post-Jewish lynch mob braying for his scalp. But I am warning of the consequences of silence.

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