Online Rally for “Sovereignty Now” in Judea & Samaria

by Avi Abelow

As decision time for Israeli action on sovereignty draws closer, a coalition of U.S. and Israeli groups are broadcasting their message: “No delays: we want Sovereignty Now”.

Called The Sovereignty Now Coalition, the group is holding a live international Covid safe online rally this Sunday at 2 PM US Eastern, 11AM Pacific and 9 PM Israel time. It will be broadcast on Zoom with pre-registration, and on the Facebook pages of coalition members Zionist Organization of America, Americans Against Terrorism, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, Americans for Peace and Tolerance and on the Israel Unwired website. The replay will be on YouTube.

Speakers will include noted Israeli journalist Caroline Glick, outspoken Pastor Laurie Cardoza-Moore from Tennesee, Morton Klein of Zionist Organization of America, one of the largest pro-Israel groups in
the world, Nadia Matar the famous Zionist activist from Judea in what is sometimes called the West Bank and Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel of the Land of Israel Network.

Spokesperson Dr. Neil Dobro of Americans Against Terrorism said: “Israeli citizens have the right to be governed by their own law in their own ancient homeland. This will change nothing for the Arabs who live here, but they and the world will see that this land will never again be Jew-free. Jews are here to stay.”

“This is not annexation- Israel is not taking over land from another country. The only modern legal claim to this land belongs to the Jewish people as voted on by The San Remo Accords in 1920 and the League of Nations (predecessor to the United Nations) in 1923. Subsequent agreements and plans have called for negotiations on a final status. The Palestinian Authority, however, are refusing to even discuss the matter
with Israel.”

“We are coming together to tell the Israeli and U.S. governments that the time to act is now”.

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