What Roger Waters just said on a Hamas-affiliated News Agency proves he’s shameless

by Phil Schneider

The anti-semites of the world are coming out of their shells. It is happening at a rapid-fire fashion. As it has in the past, it will come from the left and the right side of the spectrum. It will come from anarchists, socialists on the left side and neo-nazis and radical America-firsters on the right wing. There is no solution that will rid the world of the scourge of anti-semitism. However, the more it is exposed and brought out in the open, at least the world will be forewarned, and at least some of the people will have the sense to fight back where possible and leave where possible.

For decades after the Holocaust, there was an unwritten understanding among many people around the world that following the systematic murder of more than 6 million Jewish people by the Nazis and their collaborators, the world took a temporary hiatus from organized institutional anti-semitism. That time is now over. Any Jew that is successful financially, for example – Sheldon Adelson on the right and George Soros on the left, has now become a target. The age-old canard that the Jewish people control the money and therefore the power that drives everything is alive and well. The ideas of the Protocols of the Elder of Zion are now being spread via people like Roger Waters, Joe Scarborough and yes – the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is now stylish to attack the Jews. If Donald Trump wins reelection, the target will be Adelson and Zuckerberg for allowing enormous influence via social media. If Trump loses, it will be Soros and Zuckerberg that will be blamed for allowing enormous social influence via social media. The haters have no problem justifying their hate. It is an inborn reflex among many to blame the Jews. After all, they were probably raised in homes where the Jews were blamed for all societal ills.

So, if you speak with someone or know somebody who is habitually blaming the Jews, ask them a few questions, “Would they take a vaccine for corona if a Jew or an Israeli invented it?” “What about a Polio vaccine?” “Would they be willing to be treated in a hospital that was funded by Jewish money and largely managed by Jewish doctors”? Many anti-semites are no aware that they are anti-semites as they generally do not hate lots of people. But when the cards are down and the economy starts to tank, there is never a time when the eternal scapegoat is not the Jewish people. There is no logical reason to assume that things will be any different in the future.

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