Anybody who cares about Christian persecution will be shaken by the film Faithkeepers

by Phil Schneider

This is a troubling film about Christian persecution by the Clarion Project. This is not a film for you to sit back and enjoy. But boy is it a powerful film. Don’t let it discourage you either. The goal of this film is to provoke viewers to act. To get involved in helping those who’s only crime is their religious beliefs.

In so much of the world, people are free to exercise whatever religion they choose. The world has evolved and progressed enormously in the last few centuries. Now, in most of the Western world, people live together, yet observe a variety of religions. However, in some corners of the world, choice of religion can be a deadly choice. Choose wrong, and you may pay with your life.  Christian persecution is not just about freedom of religion.  This is now a life-and-death matter.


Worst Situation in Centuries

Generally speaking, freedom of religion improves from generation to generation.  Not in some parts of the Middle East.  Churches, Temples, and historical religious sites have either been attacked or are now in danger.  Christian persecution is not just rampant.  It is the norm.

“What is taking place in the Middle East, particularly Iraq, is genocide.”

–Rep. Frank Wolf, former Congressman, R-VA


Iraq, Egypt, Iran, and Syria are countries that Christian Arabs are nothing less than endangered species.  It is not enough that people hold prayer vigils or speak up about the problem.  International action against these countries on a governmental level is necessary or else, the worst awaits these innocent Christians.

The only country in the Middle East where true religious freedom exists is Israel.  And even there, Christian persecution exists in Arab cities.

Christian Persecution in the Middle East

Christian Persecution in the Middle East, 60 Minutes

Christian Persecution Must Be Fought

Everyone must stand up and do something about this.  Prayer is one thing and of course is critical.  But we must also do more.  The Faithkeepers website offers a plethora of options to get involved and act.

A very poignant quote from the Faithkeepers website says the following:

“Right now you have a very small, faint candle-flicker of a light: that is our people. And, for every church that is blown up, every town that is emptied, you are one step closer to that little, faint flame being extinguished, and us not existing anymore.”

–Wisam Naoum, Lawyer and Activist

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