The REAL reason “Palestinian” Arabs don’t have their own state

by Avi Abelow

If Israel just allowed the “palestinian” Arabs to have a state of their own there would be peace in the Middle East, right? WRONG. There are so many wrong things about this statement. Let’s break it down one point at a time.

No Historic People Called “Palestinians”

Did you know that at the beginning of the 20th century it was the Jews who were called “palestinians?”

Watch this video from a 1939 soccer match between team Australia and team Palestine. It was Maccabi Tel Aviv, in the light blue shirts with a white Star of David logo on their jerseys. All the players on team “Palestine” were Jews!


The name Palestine is a Roman term created by the Romans to replace the real name of the region called Judea. The Romans created the term “palestine” based on a historic invading people from the Bible called Philistines. Some “Palestinian” Arabs today like to say that they are descendants of the Biblical Philistines, but that is impossible. The Philistines were invaders from the Sea, hence their name, based on the Hebrew term ‘Polesh’, or “invade” in English. The Philistines were killed and exiled from the region, together with the Jews, by the Babylonians in around 600 BCE. The Jews returned, but the Philistines never did. There is no connection between the ancient Biblical Philistines and today’s “palestinian” Arabs.

The first “palestinians” were Jews, living here in the land of Israel when Rome renamed the geographical area “Syria-Palestina.”

They Don’t Deserve a State of Their Own

The so-called “palestinian” Arabs have no national claim to our land. The Jews are the true indigenous population with a historic claim to this land. The so-called “palestinian” Arabs have no such claim. Especially, since they are historically not even from here! They are mostly from other Arab countries.  Hence many of their last names are names of cities from other Arab countries, as this Hamas official from Gaza says himself!

They are at Fault, Not Israel

Israel has agreed to various peace deals over the past 100 years. It has always been the Arabs who have said no.

The world is 100% wrong to blame Israel for the absence of peace. The fault lies 100% with the Arabs. They have waged war after war against Israel to destroy our country. When they failed with wars, they then switched tactics to a war of terror. When that didn’t work they moved on to “peace” talks, which Yasser Arafat himself called the “plan of stages”, to destroy Israel one piece at a time.

It’s time the world wakes up. Peace with these people, who falsely call themselves an “ancient” people called “palestinians” is impossible.

One day it will be possible to live in peace with them, but only when they accept how blessed they are to live with the Jewish people, in the Jewish State called Israel. All Muslims have more freedoms and equalities living in Israel than they do in all other Muslim countries in the Middle East. That is the truth.

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