Are you strong enough to take a stand for humanity?

by Avi Abelow

What will you do to fight for humanity? Survivors of the Holocaust have had the strength to fight so that others can live too.  But, so much of their bravery is not well-known.  Their miraculous survival stories are often unknown to their loved ones.  We must continue to build and to educate future generations.  We must keep their stories alive.  Now it is time for us to not be afraid.  We must speak up.

Take A Stand Center

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center’s Take A Stand Center is a groundbreaking project.   It is a multi-million dollar, immersive permanent exhibition that will wow everyone who visits. The museum has a forward-looking emphasis on multiple areas of social justice. It houses the state of the art, interactive Holographic Survivor Stories Experience.

Holographic Survivor Stories

Year by year, less survivors of the Holocaust are able to speak of their experiences.  Their vivid first hand stories will be forgotten. Nobody will be able to tell them over again to younger generations unless this project succeeds.  The only way to learn about the Holocaust will be via textbooks or movies.

The Holograph Survivor stories exhibit ensures that their stories will be retold in first person for all future generations. This is how it works.  Holocaust survivors discuss questions about their experiences of survival.  Then the holograms answer with pre-recorded questions that bring out more of the story.  In the end, the survivors and their loved ones are impacted very deeply and the stories are recorded.  It is the most real experience one can have with a survivor.   Their experiences will last forever in such a real and touching fashion.

The Museum

The museum has four interactive galleries that guide visitors through social justice issues.  It empowers them with knowledge and inspiration.  The museum reminds them to stand up against hatred in all its forms. It uses the Holocaust as the basis to empower people to stand up for humanity.

The Take a Stand Center is one of the Top 12 fall exhibitions in the world according to Smithsonian magazine.

“One of the most memorable things that we have ever visited on a vacation. The emotions were so raw.  If I could have hugged Fritzie’s hologram, I definitely would have. Her story will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you all for creating such a tremendous remembrance for the world’s truest and bravest heroes.”

– Chantel Ogden Olsen

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