Israelis dance and sing near Gaza border after the dedication of a Torah

by Leah Rosenberg

There is something unique about Israelis. Despite the constant threat of rockets and war, Israelis living near the Gaza border are able to dance and sing.

Dedication of a Torah

In Judaism, Jews have major celebrations when a Torah scroll is dedicated to a community, school, or synagogue. The Jewish people value their religion, and the more Torah scrolls are written, the more cause for celebration. Writing a Torah is a special and sacred task. It is a beautiful thing to see how connected the Jewish people feel to God’s words.

When the Minister of Agriculture donated a Torah to Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, which is a community right next to the Gaza border, Jews danced and sang at the dedication for the scroll. Because that is what Jews do! The celebrations are usually filled with music and dancing, and everyone can feel the excitement in the air.

Israelis Dance and Sing on Gaza Border

The Gaza border has been filled with violent riots and protests for months. Terrorists have tried to infiltrate into Israel. Hamas is sending fire kites over and burning thousands of acres of land. And after all of that, the world still blames Israel.

Yet, despite all of the hardship, Israelis are able to dance and sing. They are resilient, and they are able to overcome anything and everything. So when someone dedicates a Torah scroll, what else is there to do except celebrate! It is inspiring to see the pure happiness that permeates these Israelis lives because of the Torah scroll. Even those who have never touched or danced with a Torah before felt the joy and celebrated.

You would never know that they are living under the threat of rockets, fires, war, and more.

The world should see this video so that they know the essence of the Jewish people.

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