Former Jew-hater congratulates Israel on peace agreements

by Leah Rosenberg

The recent peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries have made news headlines. But so should this Israeli Arab’s video.

Israeli Arab on Peace Agreements

Meet Hussein Aboubakr Mansour. He works for a pro-Israel organization called StandWithUs. But Mansour did not always support Israel. He grew up in Egypt being taught to hate the Jewish people and the Jewish state. And look where he is now – congratulating Israel on its recent peace agreements!

People who find the truth and want answers end up in a much better place. Hate is replaced with love. Death is replaced with life. War is replaced with peace. And some Arab countries may just be waking up to that.

Israel Waited Patiently

Hussein pointed out such an interesting fact. For years and years, even decades, Israel has been wanting peace. They have never wanted war. All the Jews have wanted is to rebuild their homeland.

But the Arab countries surrounded it have continuously rejected it.

Israel was not discouraged or deterred. Instead, they waited patiently. And they were productive while they waited. Israel did not give up seeking peace. They have hoped and prayed for it, but they did not wait around and do nothing while they hoped and prayed. They built and achieved; overcame and triumphed.

And look where they are today. Israel is a strong country. And now, Arab countries are making peace with the Jewish state!

As Hussein Aboubakr Mansour said, “The Palestinians will understand that it’s in everyone’s interest to live together.”

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