Famous Jewish actor gave a speech that may just change the world

by Phil Schneider

“Lies spread faster than the truth.” That is a powerful line that is unfortunately so true. In general, comedians are not the best people to learn from. But this speech is actually very important. The main goal of free speech should be more tolerance, and not more hate. But how should this be done?

Free Speech is not as dangerous as some threaten. That’s right – even hate speech is not as dangerous as many claim. What is indeed dangerous is the cancel culture – which basically is an anti-free speech movement. What is needed in today’s day and age is to expose the haters, not to silence them.

This sounds controversial to say that hate speech should not always be prohibited. The idea is to expose the haters. It is not pleasant to listen to hate speech. But it is much worse to not be able to speak.

It is very attractive to not have to listen to the hate speech of the Ku Klux Klan. But it is better to have the haters exposed and drowned out by positive speech than to have a small number of people defining what is and what is not hate speech. So, yes, lies spread more than the truth. But there is more good in this world than bad, and the key is not to be scared of evil, but to expose it and drown it out with good.

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