Former Green Party Activist Exposes the Truth Behind the “Climate Crisis”

by Avi Abelow

Back in October 2022, I wrote an article about how many of our leaders are working hand in hand with the United Nations to implement a climate agenda called “Agenda 21” or the “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development“, all part of the agenda to lower carbon emissions to “net zero”. Because according to the United Nations and today’s green movement, carbon emissions are the biggest threat to the climate.

My article broke down the United Nations plan, point by point, showing that what connects all the various sustainable development goals is absolute government control over our lives. Basically, these United Nations plans, in no uncertain terms, are only enforceable with the removal of our personal freedoms.

In the following video, a former Green Party activist breaks down the real intent of today’s “Climate crisis” for a city board that announced that they plan to change their town into a 15-minute city. What is a 15-minute city? Well, it is being pitched to the public as the amazing future where everything we need in our cities is within 15 minutes of where we live. However, what they are conveniently ignoring to inform the public are the travel regulations and punitive measures they plan to implement to ensure that people do not leave their 15-minute areas.

The speaker mentions the Mayors who signed on to the C40 initiative. Check to see if your mayor has added your city to this “C40 climate crisis” initiative here.

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