Is The US Leading A Color Revolution Against Israel?

by David Mark

A senior official close to Prime Minister Netanyahu has accused the US of funding the protests against the Judicial Reform Package now up for a vote in the Knesset.

“This protest is financed and organized with millions of dollars,” he said.

“We are following what is happening. This is a very high-level organization. There is an organized center from which all the demonstrators branch out in an orderly manner,” the senior official said.

None of this should be surprising. After all, the CIA was directly involved with Ukraine’s color revolution in 2014 that saw the end of Russian backed presidents in Ukraine and has directly led to the current conflict.

The American government has never liked Netanyahu. He has been able to free Israel over the last decade and a half from economic dependency on America and instead charted an independent course for the Jewish State. As wokesim has spread throughout America, Israel’s values have grown more traditional.

While Bibi has not been perfect he has moved Israel beyond the Two State Solution, essentially ensuring that through sheer inertia, no “palestinian” state will arise West of the Jordan.

The current Judicial Reform proposals would end the West’s ability to control Israel from afar, which they have been doing by utilizing compliant court justices. Add on the fact that Netanyahu has resisted joining the West’s war in Ukraine, except for humanitarian assistance, then the Netanyahu government is the greatest target the CIA has right now.

None of this should be surprising. The US has been fomenting unrest across the world for years. The only that is surprising is that they are willing to do it against one of their strongest allies.

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