Why EU funded paving machines used to build roads in Area C and destroy Jewish Archaelogy in Sebasta were not destroyed yet?

by Ezequiel Doiny

On March 14, 2023 Arutz 7 reported “Arabs living in Judea and Samaria have been destroying ancient ruins in the area for years, but now, according to Jews monitoring the situation, the destruction is being taken to a new level, with archaeological remains wrecked and a road actually paved over them.  The Samaria National Park in Sebastia has frequently been the target of nationalist vandals seeking to erase the site’s Jewish history, which dates back millennia. Sebastia was once called Shomron (Samaria) and served as the capital city of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. Many ancient remains can be seen there, including pillars dating back to the First Temple period and a giant amphitheater from the days of King Herod in the Second Temple period.”It is located just a few miles to the northwest of Shechem (Nablus), however, making it relatively difficult for Israelis to access and easy for local Arabs to reach. This week, members of the Shomrim Al Hanetzach (Protecting Eternity) organization, accompanied by local council members, were shocked to discover that heavy machinery had been moved there and a road paved right in the heart of the archaeological site, along a route extending from Area B a further 400 yards into Area C.  In order to pave the road, a wall dating back to Herodian times was destroyed and burial caves dating back to the Second Temple period were smashed, looted, and obliterated…”

On January 12, 2016 Arutz 7 reported “The Regavim movement has spotted an illegal road being built by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the middle of the Judean Desert with money transferred from the European Union.  Regavim has filed a court case against the illegal construction with Israel’s High Court of Justice.  The PA completed several weeks ago preparations for the construction of a road which extends beyond its territory of control and into Gush Etzion, heading towards the Dead Sea.  Regavim had notified Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) of the illegal building more than six months ago. … The new road illegally cuts through the Judean Desert, and passes through areas that are under full Israeli control. It has received no permits from the Israeli government…  Oved Arad, the head of the land division of Regavim said “If the Palestinians build the road with EU funding, it will allow them to gain control of large amounts of Israeli land in the Judean Desert, and annex it to their control.”  …  Sources in Regavim added that “according to documents signed by the EU, they have instructed that the money being used to build the road, is intended for the Palestinian authority to ‘gnaw away at’ Area C and appropriate its land.”

On April 4, 2022 JNS reported:

A report by Israel’s Intelligence Ministry sharply criticizes the European Union for funding the Palestinian Authority’s illegal “takeover” of areas that are recognized as being under Israeli sovereignty.  First translated by Honest Reporting, the document details how foreign governments gave hundreds of millions of euros to Palestinian projects in Area C in Judea and Samaria. Such funding is contrary to international law and relevant agreements.  Titled “The Palestinian Campaign for Area C: Shaping a Security Reality on the Ground, Description and Implications,” the report describes how the Palestinians use E.U. funds to build thousands of illegal structures and grab swaths of agricultural land.  It was prepared in June 2021 but declassified and made public this year. Israeli intelligence claims that the E.U. also provides the P.A. with actionable and diplomatic support.  The report states that the P.A. has received more than half a billion dollars to carry out “unilateral land seizure moves over the past eight years.”

On December 19, 2022 Arutz 7 reported:

A document drafted by the European Commission in Eastern Jerusalem calls for helping the Palestinian Authority actively take control of land in Area C, which is supposed to be under full Israeli control under the Oslo Accords.  A report by Channel 13 News revealed the document from which it appears that the EU will work to map land to prove Palestinian Arab rights there – without leaving traces of its activities. The document appears to point to the EU’s use of left-wing organizations in Israel for this purpose.  The EU also calls for “following and monitoring Israeli archaeological activity in the area” – on the grounds that it is being used as a pretext for settlement building in Judea and Samaria…”

The EU’s call for “monitoring Israeli archaeological activity in the area” reveals that Jewish Archaeology is a problem for the EU because it proves the Jewish connection to the land and goes against the Palestinian narrative that says Jews are colonizers and have no claim to the land. Jewish Archaeology gives Jews a legitimate claim to the land because it proves Jews are natives to the Area and were there thousands of years before Islam was created and the Arabs arrived.

Article IV of the Oslo Accords says “The Palestinian side shall protect and safeguard all archaeological sites, take all measures necessary to protect such sites and to prevent damage to them and take all precautions when carrying out activities, including maintenance and construction activities, which may affect such sites.”

Palestinians are destroying Jewish archaeology in Sebastia in violation of the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords 

were sponsored by US President Bill Clinton and the EU and signed in the White House. 

The EU, sponsors of the Oslo Accords, instead of calling Palestinians to respect the accords are helping the Palestinians violate the them. The EU report incites against Jewish archaeology and the Palestinians are destroying Jewish archaeology with EU-funded road building equipment. 

The response of the Biden administration is also troubling. While Biden’s diplomats and administration loudly condemn Israel and accuses Israel of changing the “status quo” it says nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!, when the Palestinians change the “status quo” by destroying Jewish Archaeology.

Biden and the EU not only look the other way while Palestinians destroy Jewish history, they also fabricate Palestinian history by claiming Assyrian archaeology is Palestinian.

On January 6, 2023 JNS reported “American and Palestinian officials gathered on Thursday at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Bethlehem for what was described as “the historic repatriation of a rare Palestinian cultural object.”  During the ceremony, the Department of Homeland Security’s investigative arm (Homeland Security Investigations) delivered a 2,700-year-old cosmetic spoon to the Palestinian Authority. The ancient tool is carved from ivory and has an etched winged figure into its front side. It was used to ladle incense onto fires and braziers at rites venerating the gods and the dead.   P.A. Minister of Tourism Rula Maayah welcomed the U.S. delegation.  “This artifact is important as it acquires its real scientific and archaeological value in its authentic location,” Maayah said. “The artifact that is being delivered today is a cosmetic tool that was used to pour incense and it dates to the Assyrian civilization 700-800 BC.”  Modern concepts of “Palestine” only began to emerge in the mid-19th century. It would not be until the mid-20th century—two decades after the birth of the State of Israel—that Arabs in the disputed territories would begin to show signs of a distinctive national identity.  The artifact was seized from Jewish-American billionaire Michael Steinhardt as part of a criminal probe in New York. As part of a deal to avoid prosecution, Steinhardt agreed in late 2021 to turn over $70 million worth of stolen antiquities that authorities claim were illegally acquired in Israel…”

As I explained in my article below, claiming that Assyrian archaeology is Palestinian is absurd, so why is the Biden regime doing this?

To Biden’s officials, an Assyrian spoon that is not even Palestinian is more worthy of attention than the destruction of the Jewish Archaeology of Sebasta, why? Why was there a press conference for the “repatriation” of an Asyrian spoon to “Palestine” but no press conference to denounce the destruction of Jewish Archaeology? Why promote the news of the “repatriation” of “Palestinian” archeology but keep quiet about the destruction of Jewish archaeology? 
 Because it promotes the Palestinian narrative and Biden uses the power of the White House to promote the false Palestinian narrative while hiding Jewish legitimate claims under the rug because they contradict their narrative and are inconvenient to their agenda.

It seems all part of a plot to rewrite history: The EU finances equipment for the Palestinians to destroy Jewish archeology, Biden officials remain silent while Palestinians destroy Jewish history while fabricating Palestinian history by claiming Assyrian archaeology is Palestinian.

As a retaliation for the Palestinian destruction of Jewish Archaeology using EU-funded paving machines, Israel should destroy Palestinian paving machines, prevent them from importing new ones, expel European officials, and annex Sebastia. Why wasn’t this done yet?

Do Europeans know that EU officials use their taxes to destroy Jewish Archaeology? How would they feel if the archaeology in Roman Colosseum was destroyed?

In my book below I describe how Europeans were responsible multiple times for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem, it seems now they are trying to finish the job by destroying Jewish Archaeology.

Please read my book below…

European responsibility in the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem: The Romans, the Crusader Knights and British General Glubb

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