A Fascinating Journey from Christianity to Judaism

by Avi Abelow

Meet LaDerryl and Danielle Hart. They converted from Christianity to Orthodox Judaism. They have a fascinating and unique story that is quite intriguing.

Converting from Christianity to Judaism

It is so fascinating to meet people who convert from Christianity (or any religion) to Judaism. How remarkable is it that others are so enthralled with the beauty of Judaism that they choose to join us, even though Judaism does not proselytize at all and actually discourages people from converting since they don’t have to.

It is not easy being a Jew. I’m not referring to the decades-old Jew hatred that comes with our identity. I’m referring to the responsibility to follow the 613 commandments that G-d gave us in the Torah.

According to the Torah, anyone not born a Jew only needs to keep the 7 Noahide laws. Only Jews are commanded to keep 613 commandments, so there is really no need for someone not born a Jew to convert to Judaism.

According to G-d, they are fine keeping just 7 laws, so why convert to Judaism? Hence, it is so fascinating when people who are told all that, and actually discouraged from converting, still decide to convert to Judaism and join the Jewish people.

Please understand, the reason Judaism does not proselytize, and instead actually discourages people from converting to Judaism, is not because we are trying to be some exclusive club. Not at all. First of all, history is quite clear that it is no picnic being a Jew, there is nothing exclusive about us. However, the more fundamental reason is that our ultimate purpose as the Jewish people following G-d’s Torah is to grow the awareness for all of humanity of worshipping one true G-d. Both Christianity and Islam are younger religions that turned populations of idol worshippers into monotheists, inspired by Judaism and the Jewish people. In essence, the existence of those two religions is proof of the success of Judaism and the Jewish people. Hence, there is no reason for anyone who already believes in one G-d to convert to Judaism.

Returning to the story of LaDerryl and Danielle Hart, it is fascinating to hear how they found their way to Judaism through something as simple as reading the Bible and asking questions. A lot of questions.

It is unbelievable that the Harts totally switched around their entire lives.

It is difficult to completely change your lifestyle and your mindset.

It is also admirable that LaDerryl and Danielle remind those listening that they are not trying to disrespect Christians or Christianity. They are just explaining their own journey in choosing to join the Jewish people.

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