Fascinating Analysis of Israel’s Judicial Reform with Former Israeli Leftist

by Avi Abelow

Israel is facing the biggest political crisis in decades as the new Netanyahu government embarks on a judicial reform that it says will save Israeli democracy from judicial overreach.

The opposition parties say the reforms are anti-democratic and vow to do whatever it takes to stop the government.

The massive protest led by the political left that has broken out across the country is pitting the right against the left in a fight that is tearing at the fabric of Israel society.

The Israeli shekel has been in sharp dive and some economists are warning of a pending economic crisis in the start-up nation. David Woo is a former top-ranked Wall Street global macro strategist known for his provocative but often prescient calls. You may not agree with everything he says but he will make you reassess everything you thought you knew.

In this video, he is joined by Gadi Taub, one of the most well-known conservative voices in Israel, to talk about the Israel judicial reform and the Israel protest: what is it all about and how it is likely to end. Is civil war inevitable? What are the best case and the worst case scenarios? How serious are the terrorist attacks Israel today?

Gadi Taub himself used to associate with the ideological left in Israel and has since left that camp and now firmly associates with the ideological right in Israel. As an intellectual of the left, he has an extremely concise and important perspective that should be heard by all. Many on the right do not know to properly deal with the left, or the tactics of the left because they do not have the depth of understanding of the left that Gadi has.


renski March 25, 2023 - 7:52 am

If this country falls CHAS VE SHALOM we can blame the protestors, nothing to do with judicial reform, whether they be left, right or centre or protectors of Israel. CHAS VE SHALOM.
The money that Israel gives to the Arabs Sector, imagine, what infracstructure could have been built, if the money would not have gotten into the wrong hands. Israels money is not the only money that goes to the Arab sector or the Palestinians. There would not be Pallestinian refugees anymore, if the money was justly distributed, imagine that, nothing to blame Israel for anymore, the antisemitism fuel for Israel would be gone, cant have that now, cause the haters of Jews and Israel would be devoid of fuel for their fire.
The protestors, be they left right or otherwise, will have themselves to blame if the success of Israel falters. CHAS VE SHALOM.
And remember this, the left wing and the right wing, belong to the same bird, so we all go down together. My take is, the people who are trying to destroy Israel, how much can they love Her, the people are Israel and Israel are the people. ISRAELI PROTESTORS, STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE.

renski March 25, 2023 - 7:55 am


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