Forget About Israel – Iran Threatens To Nuke The USA

by David Mark

While Israel worries about a potential war with Iran, the regime in Tehran appears to be confidant enough to now threaten America.

In a video shared on the IRCG’s Telegram account, Iran threatens to build nuclear weapons and nuke NY.

Iran often makes outlandish threats, but this time with nuclear breakout actually happening, nuking NY is no longer a melodramatic response to being cornered.

Caroline Glick tweeted the following out Monday: “Iran is threatening to nuke New York. We warned this would be the consequence of America’s refusal to confront Iran with any seriousness. We warned this would be the endstate of Obama-Biden’s nuclear appeasement. The progressives attacked us as warmongerers. They did this.”

So while Biden continues to negotiate with Iran, the regime increases its threats. Perhaps its time that Biden and his government realize that negotiating with the enemy will only bring destruction and ruin.

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