Find out how AOC can bail you out of jail!

by Leah Rosenberg

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley are SO motivated and passionate! That is, to help criminals involved with Antifa out of jail. This is too much.

Antifa Arrest? Call AOC!

What happened to congressmen and congresswomen fighting FOR American values? What happened to them putting their time and effort into defending innocent Americans rather than criminals? It is insane! AOC has helped those involved with Antifa out of jail. She and Ayanna Pressley actually raised the funds to bail criminals out of prison. These Antifa members were violent. They disturbed the peace. These activists were arrested at a Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade.’ They assaulted people, including police officers. So, what are AOC and Pressley supporting and raising funds for? People who use violence. What message does this send to Americans? The exact message in this video: If you need help getting bailed out of jail for using violence and violating the law, just contact AOC and Ayanna Pressley. They’ll be sure to raise the funds you need. Oh, but of course, you cannot be a Trump supporter. Then you’re stuck.

Things Just Keep Getting Worse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hopeless. Things just keep getting worse and worse. Her comments, her actions – everything is absurd. What she stands for, what she protests, what she supports – it is none of what America values.

But Americans keep falling for her “activism.” They keep supporting her constant passion to stand up for “human rights.” But do they ever look at what she is actually standing up for? That none of it is about human rights? That when it comes to the people who really need to be defended, she is nowhere to be found? AOC is NOT good news for America.

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